Get Creative With Deliveries: Tip-of-the-Day #295

Yesterday a colleague asked me how she could get a case of wine delivered to the office by Friday. I suggested calling a few local wine shops (K&L and JJ Buckley) but then my mind started working outside of the obvious constraints....

I reminded her that TaskRabbit is great at simple tasks like pickups and dropoffs. In fact, not too long ago I had TaskRabbit send someone to pick up a BBQ I had purchased on Craigslist and deliver it to my sister's place in Marin. For $40 I saved myself the trip and a mess in my car.

TaskRabbit could easily pick up the wine and drop it off at the office. It wouldn't be very expensive and ironically, I had JUST received an email from TaskRabbit offering $15 off my next task with code HOLIDAY2013.

I also ran through the other delivery options in the area, including Google Shopping Express and new Amazon Fresh. Plus, I'd just learned about yet another delivery service called Lassoit, offering great looking cheese, meats, wines and gift baskets and all delivered free in/around SF. There's a 50% off offer on Gilt City right now that I just took advantage of. Woot!

She ended up going through Amazon Fresh because they pick up wine right from the wine shop in the SF Ferry Building (minutes from the office) and deliver for free - she signed up for the 30-day free trial mentioned two blog posts ago.

Need a last minute gift? There's ALWAYS a way to get it. :)

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