Buy/Sell Furniture in a New Way!: Tip-of-the-Day #266

Heard of Move Loot? Neither had I until just a few minutes ago!

Very cool start up in the business of "moving" your furniture FOR YOU. Goodbye Craigslist, hello Move Loot.

Move Loot began as four friends united in the mission to make buying, selling, and moving used furniture an easier and more enjoyable experience. Moving, cohabiting, downsizing or changing one's furniture style shouldn't be a torturous experience. And, Move Loot has done something about it! Working on a consignment basis, Move Loot takes your furniture off of your hands so you can move onto bigger and better things and handles all of the promotion and consequent sale, for you.

Their goal is to give us all peace of mind and cash in pocket while simultaneously diverting landÔ¨Āll waste. Love the green angle.

Online registration is a few simple fields and selling your furniture is as easy as this:
  1. Upload and submit pics of your furniture using Move Loot's website
  2. Confirm details of your items (price, condition, short descrip) and schedule a pickup. Moot Loot comes to you!
  3. Sit back and relax while Move Loot does the rest
You get 50% of the final sale price, and Move Loot does all the heavy lifting. Literally.

Buying is just as easy and I can't wait to explore the marketplace once the site is officially launched October 1.

I'm all for supporting new businesses and this is one great idea. Hope it takes off!