Save 50% at Cavallo Point: Tip-of-the-Day #231


Local to the San Francisco/Bay Area? You're in luck. Escape from your every day existence for a luxurious and restful evening at Cavallo Point, the gorgeous getaway just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Right now they have a special designed for locals (or those in the area on a Sunday night - the offer doesn't mention proof of domicile). On Sunday evenings, save 50% on the cost of any room, historic or contemporary. This is quite a steal considering their rates normally hover around $450 and up per night.

They have a terrific restaurant on the property, great full bar, but the real draw in my opinion is the outside seating complete with fire pits. Imagine the Ritz at Half Moon Bay - only closer and with a view of the Golden Gate.

Here are the deets:

- 50% off accommodations on Sundays
- 15% off a spa treatment on Mondays
- Valet parking
- Morning yoga class in Mission Blue Chapel
- Access to Healing Arts Center & Spa and outdoor meditation pool

Book it here.

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