Create a Gift Cupboard: Tip-of-the-Day #294

I have found that the best way to prepare for holiday gift giving is to already have a surplus of gifts saved in a "gift cupboard" and earmarked for specific recipients. That way you aren't pressured to buy everything all at once (putting a serious hurt on your pocketbook) and you aren't stressed to find the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend or family member.

What I do is keep my eyes peeled year round for smart or creative gifts for the people I love most. Then I'm never at a loss come birthday, holiday or gift exchange.

A great time of year to stock up on gifts for the gift cupboard is NOW! The holidays. I've seen some amazing online sales (post Black Friday and Cyber Monday) that I couldn't pass up. One of my favorite sites,, has twice offered 50% off of all gifts for four hours at a time. I stocked up on tons of cool stuff which I may or may not give away entirely this Christmas.

It's hard to hang onto something exciting that you really want to give your recipient now, but think about how good it will feel to surprise them with the perfect gift at the right occasion.

Always be on the lookout for great stuff and you'll be surprised how much easier gift giving will become year round.

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