FREE 2-day Parking at SFO: Tip-of-the-Day #229


Here's a deal worth noticing. Ever since Park SFO opened their parking structure near the San Francisco International Airport, they've been doling out the deals. And they keep coming, despite the fact that this place is probably the most popular lot to park at now.

They hand out FREE one-day parking passes like candy - just grab one when you walk in the door, or ask your nifty shuttle driver for one on your way back to the structure after your trip.

But the real nectar comes from signing up for their emails (which aren't annoying because they only come once a month and they bear fruit). As a "friend" of Park SFO, you'll be emailed a FREE 2-DAY parking pass to use with every 4-day stay. That's 50% off of their ALREADY LOW pricing (as little as $11.95 a day if you park outside - inside is $13.95).

Just go here: and sign up for emails. The first one is positioned as a one-day pass, but after that, you'll start getting the good stuff. This month's 2-day pass can be accessed here:

Beyond the great prices, my favorite things about this lot are:
1. You recognize the shuttle instantly - it's green and blue like their logo
2. The parking lot is clean, well lit and they have indoor and outdoor parking
3. They offer valet parking (if I'm feeling REAL lazy or my company is paying)
4. The shuttles come and go ALL of the time - so you're never waiting long
5. They take credit cards

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