More Options on KLM v Delta: Tip-of-the-Day #320

I recently had to book a flight to Amsterdam for business. There is one non-stop flight out of SFO and when you search online it comes up as either Delta or KLM but it's the same flight. Weird, huh? I figured since I have a Delta SkyMiles account that it made more sense to book the trip with "Delta". Nope.

My company is only footing an economy class ticket and so after booking the seat on Delta I noticed that there is an Economy Comfort section (more leg room, more recline - like Economy Plus on United). I pulled out my personal Amex to upgrade to this Comfort seat given the 12 hour haul and I couldn't do it. I called Delta and they explained to me that Economy Comfort is a KLM feature and to book it I'd have to re-book my trip on KLM and cancel the trip I'd just booked on Delta. It was the exact same agenda, same flight, same plane but because of some policies in place on the back end, I couldn't get the more comfortable seat through Delta.

I quickly cancelled my flights on Delta (I was within the cancellation period) and re-booked on KLM. Then, I went to the KLM website and immediately upgraded my Economy ticket to Economy Comfort. Strange that Delta and KLM can't integrate their systems if they are operating as the same carrier but at least now you know that there are better options for comfortable travel by booking through KLM and not Delta. Happy flying!

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