Eye-Catching Art - For Rent!: Tip-of-the-Day #246

Based in New York, Artsicle scours for art works from local up-and-coming artists and rents their art out to you for a totally reasonable fee (starting at $25/month). At last, you can display original work by a bona fide fancy-schmancy artist without making a buying commitment or writing a check that would make even Mitt Romney think twice.

But if you fall deeply in love with your new artwork, they're available to purchase, too.

A few of their favorites: Todd Wright's street-art-influenced abstracts, Nathan Sawaya's LEGO sculptures, Jena Kim's geometric paintings, and Joana Ricou's ever-so-unsettling nudes.

Reward: Get 20% off your first rental with code "rundownart," just so you can get a taste of the collector's life.

But wait, the pot gets ever sweeter. Shoot them a note at artsicle@rundown.com for the chance to win a $100 gift card (plus Artsicle email updates). And blammo, free art.