Save a Trip to the Apple Store: Tip-of-the-Day #293

Sometimes even the savviest computer users screw up and experience that moment of panic. I had one such moment this morning when I inserted a mini disc into my Macbook Pro disk drive thinking somehow that it would read it. No such luck. And worse, the disc wouldn't come out.

I tried everything I knew to do and Googled it right out of the gate. Nothing. I shut down and restarted, pressing the left side of the mouse as one blog instructed, and my Mac responded NOT AT ALL.

The idea that I would have to call my IT department to tell them what I had done was not something I was willing to do. I was even considering taking a trip down to the Apple store for some "Genius" advice. Then, I Googled my situation one. last. time. and lo and behold there was a discussion about using a business card with a piece of tape. It sounded very MacGyver but I was willing to try anything.

I affixed a piece of tape, sticky side down, onto a rigid card and started fishing in my disk drive. The first couple of attempts proved fruitless but on try three, I hit the jackpot. Out came that pesky CD.

The next time you yearn to stick something in a slot that you're fairly certain can't accommodate your item, save the curiosity for the kitchen and bake a fruit cake.


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