Affordable Holiday Gift Exchange: Tip-of-the-Day #289

This year the "fun committee" at my office decided that instead of the typical "white elephant" or "secret santa" we'd have a holiday mug exchange.

What I love about this is that it's 1. easy 2. inexpensive 3. useful! Because who doesn't need a mug around the office?

I know that another option is to put a max spend on general gift exchanges, but having a theme takes the brainwork out of the equation. No more wondering if you should buy the "as seen on TV talking parrot" or something classier.

Our instructions were simply to get as silly or serious as we like - the mug can be a holiday mug, or not!

Clearly I went with the holiday theme and my mug happens to come with candy. Bonus!

Next time you need a quick gift exchange idea, consider mugs. Or, something else that everyone uses and is always useful....Toothbrushes! Scented candle! You get the idea....

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