West Elm Holiday Help: Tip-of-the-Day #278

There's nothing like a little help over the holidays. Especially when it's free design help!

Right now, West Elm is offering holiday design services, gratis, through their Design Lab. I'm picturing elves and Will Farrell in tights...but I digress.

Similar in nature to my earlier blog about Pottery Barn design services, West Elm is able to assist you in measurements, furniture choices, color schemes, holiday table decor, etc. but they are also taking it a step further and promising to help trim your holiday tree, pick the perfect gift for a friend or hostess, or plan your holiday party! And, it seems, it's all... free?? I'm inclined to try this service out so that I can tell you first hand that I had a West Elm Elf over to trim my tree - but....I don't have my tree up just yet.

How about you try it out and let us Smart Women know about your experience! Just make an appt online and have the West Elm designer meet you at your house, at your local West Elm store, or chat with you over the phone for a planning session. If anything, it sounds downright therapeutic.

Gotta love the love this holiday season!

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