Save $15 On Your Next Uber: Tip-of-the-Day #277

Through 11/28/13, get $15 off your next ride when you pay for your Uber ride with PayPal! 

New to Uber?
Download the Uber app for iPhone or Android, sign up and use your PayPal account as your payment method. The discount will automatically apply to your first ride.

Need to add PayPal to your Uber account?
  • Update your Uber app to the latest version
  • Select “Payment” from the menu in your Uber app
  • Tap “Add Payment”
  • Tap “PayPal” to add your PayPal account
  • Select PayPal as your payment method and take a ride. The discount will apply automatically.
HOLIDAY SMART MARKETING ALERT: Uber is making it easier for you to get your friends and family home safely during the holidays. Throwing a party? Let Uber know. With a few details like expected attendance and event location, they'll ensure they have extra cars waiting to get your dearest home in one piece. 


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