Your Own Interior Designer!: Tip-of-the-Day #267

Whenever I pass a Pottery Barn, I can't help but wander inside the warm, inviting space that reminds one of a Rockefeller Christmas - everything in its place. That perfectly appointed Thanksgiving table and artfully assembled living room could be mine - if I could just have the design sensibility to recreate it for myself. 

And that, is where things go tragically wrong because I can't recreate the look or feel with just a toss of a chevron pillow and an artistically draped throw. And so,  as I slowly backed out of my recent fruitless venture, the greeter (and also fareweller?) asked casually "nothing inspired you today?". I shook my head sadly and said no. But her expression made me wonder if she thought I was dissing on PB which is sooo not my style. So I quickly corrected that statement with "everything in here is inspirational but I can't figure out which pieces will complement my home in an inspirational way." 

She nodded sagely and asked if I'd be interested in learning more about their in-home design services. My face likely registered fear (of huge sums of money quickly exiting my checking account) and hope, so she quickly qualified that by saying "it's free." 


"Free?" I asked. "Seriously?" Yes. One of Pottery Barn's in-home design experts will travel to your home, walk through your living space room by room and then help you with anything from paint color ideas, to party planning advice, installing window hardware or a complete room makeover!

I was so excited I told Jennifer that I'd blog about it right away! While I'm not certain I'll be having someone visit my home today, I may very well take PB up on that service in the near future for some better staging. I think I have most of the right stuff - just not in the right places. And, a fresh coat of paint and some accent pieces couldn't hurt.

All my smart women out there: take advantage of this stellar free service. After all, most interior designers charge a fortune for this - and work by the hour. Woot!