Take That Luxury Vaca at 65% off: Tip-of-the-Day #271

I recently booked a trip to Cabo and I tried to do it on the cheap. I booked my ticket on Alaska Air and I used my companion certificate that comes with using the Alaska Air Visa card. The companion certificate enables the second traveler to fly wherever the primary traveler is flying for just $99. (Check out my blog about different points and airlines programs that are worth your attention).

Then, I started researching cute boutique hotels in the quaint, quieter town of San Jose Del Cabo and found a great deal right in the heart of the town.

My bf decided he wasn't comfortable staying in town and would feel "safer" staying in one of the luxury resorts outside of the town - gated and secured by guards. I reminded him that there are no travel advisory warnings for Cabo but he's watched too many episodes of Breaking Bad and is convinced we'll run into cartel at the coffee house.

All by way of saying, he did not want to go on this thoughtfully planned, economic trip I'd booked. He wanted luxury. But, luxury costs money. We stayed at Las Ventanas for my 40th birthday (AMAZING) but it cost thousands of dollars and isn't a stay-every-year kind of place unless you're earning the really big bucks. Or, so I thought. That's when I discovered Luxury Link, a website dedicated to luxury experiences and at less than half the price. There are two ways to buy their hand-picked packages - auction and fixed price - both extending very deep discounts off of the open market pricing.

I found a package at Zoetry, a luxury property right next door to Las Ventanas, and booked five nights for the cost of two. Airport transfers and all taxes were included. No weird strings attached, just a unique opportunity that happened to be available during the timeframe I wanted to travel.

Because Luxury Link vacations are created detail by detail, no two are alike. And, they are available only in limited quantities. This exclusivity means that you will be among the very few who can experience a property and a destination at this level. It also means that you will find these deals only on Luxury Link. You can book your vacation on their website or over the phone with a travel Concierge.
I actually had a Concierge call me about a property I had "bid on" and lost. She's the one who locked in Zoetry for me at the price I wanted.

I'll update my post to review Zoetry once I get back - but for now, I'm incredibly pleased by Luxury Link's offerings, their customer support, and the overall web experience.

Go somewhere fun this holiday season and do it for waaaay less. :) I am!

Bonus: get $50 off your trip when you register using this link.