Price Adjustments Pay Off: Tip-of-the-Day #272

When I was in my twenties I was downright vigilant about making sure I got the best deal possible and I would go to just about any length to ensure it. Now, I've become more thoughtful about how I spend my energy and I consider the return on my time and energy investment. For instance, does it make sense for me to drive all the way back to Cost Plus to get 20% off the $60 lamp I just purchased? Probably not because I'll spend about the same in gas just getting there and I could use that time far more wisely (paying bills, catching up on laundry, etc.). See my point?

That said, I recently purchased a Restoration Hardware sofa and days later, was alerted to their Friends & Family sale. On a big ticket item, that 20% back can mean hundreds of dollars returned to you! In my case, the only effort required was a quick phone call to customer support. I gave them my order number and in under a minute I was credited back hundreds of dollars. Most retailers have some kind of 30-day policy in place whereby items may be returned, exchanged for store credit, or adjusted if the price drops, etc.

I was able to use that refund from RH to buy a much-needed console to put behind the new sofa and could then reasonably justify the buy.

Nutshell: keep track of what you buy and when it goes on sale, especially now during the pre-holiday period and after!

Price adjustments make it possible to indulge in other much-"needed" goodies. Save on, friends!