Points Programs Prove Worthy: Tip-of-the-Day #19


I use two credit cards for everything and both of them are mileage/points-accruing cards. What that means is that for every dollar I spend I’m earning the same in points and those points add up to free travel, hotel stays and merchandise!

Some programs also offer annual travel vouchers and board room passes. When you open and maintain an Alaska Airlines credit card for example, you are given one $50 companion voucher annually. This can save quite a bit if you’re going somewhere like Mexico or Hawaii or even New York during peak season! Just buy one ticket at regular price and the second is just fifty dollars more.

But airline-specific credit cards will only accrue points for travel on that airline and it's "sister" airlines. That's why I also use an American Express card because with that program I have far more flexibility with respect to how I choose to use my points. I can travel on one of dozens of airlines or buy merchandise which is especially useful when you're short on cash and long on miles.

Shop around before committing to a program. Make sure it’s one you’ll use and can trust!

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