Buy Beans, Bag a Beverage: Tip-of-the-Day #273

There are two good reasons to buy your coffee beans at Peet's.

1. With every bag of beans, you get a free drink. A pound of French Roast is $14.50 and my medium, non-fat latte costs around $3.50. That right there brings the cost of that pound of beans down to $11!

2. When you buy beans you get to circumvent the long line of people waiting to order espresso drinks. You can march right up to the employee dedicated to beans, and order your bag of coffee and your espresso drink at the same time.

I'm not suggesting you buy a pound of coffee every day to beat the system because that would be A LOT of coffee - but it makes far more sense to buy your beans at Peet's than to pick them up at the supermarket. (My local markets carry Peet's and Starbucks by the pound).

Bonus!: I also got a free drink when I bought my friend a $25 gift card.

The savings are everywhere!

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