TaskRabbit.com: Tip-of-the-Day #241


I recently discovered TaskRabbit.com (I know, I'm waaay late on this one), an online and mobile marketplace that allows folks to live a smarter and more fulfilling life by relying on their neighbors.

My mom of all people told me about it. She said her friends use it all the time to hire last minute help for events, but the service fulfills just about any need out there.

I checked it out because my boyfriend had nearly 1,000 receipts from 2011 that he needed taped to individual pieces of paper and scanned for electronic safekeeping. He offered to pay my sister but she was not inclined (I don't blame her). I posted the task on TaskRabbit and after very little negotiation, found someone who lives just two blocks from me to do it for $50.

The best part: TaskRabbit is very careful about who they "hire" to be Rabbits. They conduct a background check and a video interview. I know this, because after my great experience I decided to throw my hat in the ring to become a Rabbit! You can list the skills that you have (mine fell into the marketing, branding, strategy quadrant) and when jobs are posted you are selected based on your self selected skillset.

This is a terrific way to find "neighbors" to help you get your job done quickly and cost effectively and an equally great way to make some extra cash by marketing some of your savvier skills to the general public.

Let me know how it works out for you!