Dealing Domain Names: Tip-of-the-Day #242


My boyfriend's father is a very smart man. He is a doctor - but beyond that, he is incredibly creative. Years ago, before buying or selling domain names ever became lucrative, he thought about the implications of doing just that. He will sit down with his equally brilliant wife, and together they brainstorm domain names and they buy those with the greatest "potential". It has paid out for him (them) multiple times! He stays within the medical vertical and chooses names that have long term promise. For instance, He came up with that! I think he sold that one for $5K. Not bad for a day's work! Now, that said, he did buy that name years ago and ultimately had to shell out several hundred dollars over the years to keep it active - but he certainly made a sound investment there.

Mind you, many names don't ever pay out. It's somewhat akin to buying a lottery ticket of sorts...but with some creative thinking and a little insight into where an industry might be headed, you may find yourself thousands of dollars richer!

I came up with a few names about a year ago - but they were a little random and so after a year I let them go. My feeling is that you have to pick an industry/vertical that a. has money and b. has growth potential. So, you'll probably want to stay clear of names like "" or "" because even though they mean something to you - you probably won't find anyone knocking on your door for those types of names. Unless of course, the Bravo network extends its franchise with some of those housewives. ;)

Good luck!