Daily Deal Know-How: Tip-of-the-Day #240


If you're like me, you LOVE to take advantage of daily deals. Only prob is remembering to use them. For a while, I let all sorts of deals I'd purchased just go to waste or get lost in my massive inbox. Then, I started putting the confirmation emails right into a folder marked "Daily Deals I Must Use". That helped. Only hitch: I was still forgetting to use some of them before they "expired."

Here's the thing folks, those deals, by law, CAN'T expire. Yes, the "offer" can expire, meaning if you paid $30 for $60 worth of tanning sessions, you won't still have access to the $60 after the expiration, but you'll ALWAYS have access to the value that you paid out of your pocket.

I use the example above because I bought some "organic tanning sessions" last summer (God knows what I was thinking) and just rediscovered them in my "must use" folder. They had expired in January. I made the appt with the salon anyway, knowing I could use the value I paid for the deal. I got an email from the salon telling me my coupon had expired. I had to write them back and remind them of the law!

In Summary: Don't think you have to toss out your daily deal just because it's expired. You can still use the value of what you paid for it. Keep saving is my strategy!