Closeout Beauty Products: Tip-of-the-Day #233


I'm a nut when it comes to great beauty products at drugstore prices. Several years ago I discovered that Revlon makes a terrific lipstick called Nude Velvet that is ultra moisturizing, glides on smoothly and is the perfect accent color for my darker liner that I use to define my lips.

This lipstick usually retails for around $9.00 and can be found in most drugstores. Come to find out, after searching high and low at every local Walgreens 'round town that it's been discontinued! Horror of horrors. Now what? I did some research and found brands/shades that others claim are "just as good" but I hate settling for "just as good." And so, I started hunting for this lipstick on Amazon, Big Lots, eBay and even (a makeup swap site). I wasn't finding much. THEN, I came across - a site that is chock full of closeout deals! I bought all 11 Revlon Nude Velvet lipsticks that they had in stock - and at only $5.99 a pop! There was no tax, no shipping and no hassles!

I'm quite giddy at the moment. The only harsh reality I'll have to face is what to do once I've used those 11 tubes of velvety goodness...

Anyhoo, check out You won't be disappointed by the prices or selection.

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