Share Skills For Cash & Cache: Tip-of-the-Day #234


I just discovered this fabulous site called Skillshare. In a nutshell, Skillshare is a community marketplace that enables you and me to learn anything from anyone (or, teach anything to anyone). You can learn more at San Francisco was only just "unlocked", which means enough people showed interest in the city to get the microsite up and running and classes developed and shared.

The premise is that everyone has something they’ve always wanted to learn, and something that they can teach to others. Skillshare makes the exchange of knowledge easy, fun, and rewarding!

The best part is that classes can focus on just about any topic, from "how to get a job at a startup" to "how to live rent-free in NY." If you're interested in teaching, you can develop what they call a "pilot" so that you can post your idea and the proposed content and see what kind of reception you get before making it a live class. You can charge money for your class (or not) and during Skillshare's beta period they will only take 15% profit of each ticket sold. After beta they take 25%.

The classes are held live (i.e., not online). But that doesn't mean you have to invite people to your home or rent a meeting room - meet up at a cafe, at the library, in a restaurant, at the museum, or in an empty room in your office building!

I love this idea. I've already posted a pilot to see what people want to learn about (mine's about developing a blog quickly, expertly and affordably of course!).

Check it out - you may just learn something/teach something/earn some extra cash!

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