Visa Signature Card Saves: Tip-of-the-Day #232


I'm usually an Amex girl. I have my gold card and I use it for everything. Why? Well, because their points program can be used with any airlines, merchandise, hotel rooms, restaurants and beyond. I like their customer service, I like to track all of my purchases in one place, and I like the added travel security this card provides. But, this isn't an ad for Amex now, is it? I'm posting today's entry because I just had an unusual (and titillating) shopping experience at

I was buying a snakeskin purse (water snake - go figure) and had just reached checkout, entered my Amex using my Last Pass fill-able form when a message popped up that if I use my Visa Signature card, shipping would be waived. Shipping happened to be $10 and I'll do just about anything to save a buck (hence, my blog). I quickly reached for my Visa, saw that it in fact IS a Signature Visa and entered the information. In real time the shipping was taken off my total, without having to refresh the screen or update anything. I was impressed!

Look for opportunities like this one to save a few dollars. Heck, that $10 will buy me lunch today!

P.S. I just searched for Visa Signature card and came across a Fandango offer: 2-for-1 movie tickets on Fridays using your card!

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