'Friends & Family' Discounts: Tip-of-the-Day #210


In the beginning, a Friends & Family discount could mean an inside privilege that the general public couldn't touch. I remember years ago when a F & F discount at Gap or Pottery Barn actually meant something. But companies quickly realized this "event" could be spun into a marketing extravaganza that could lift revenue more than a Black Friday sale. So, what was once a very exclusive ticket to shopping heaven became ubiquitous with "promotional tactics" and degraded into something not nearly as special.

All that said, there are still some F & F discounts worth exercising - whether they're exclusive or not. I just hit one at Old Navy that saved me 50% off my entire order and that included already discounted items! Sephora also had a 20% off offer which ain't bad when you consider that cosmetics NEVER go on sale. I also got my hands on some "one time use codes" good for 50% off Columbia gear which was a score seeing as the rainy/snowy season is upon us.

Keep your eyes open for the tricks and the treats. You can quickly discern which promos are worth your while (and which can be skipped) and with the holidays around the corner, now is your time to stock up the gift cupboard at a deep discount!

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