Cash in on Crab Feeds: Tip-of-the-Day #211


Well into crab season now, you may be considering attending a local "crab feed." These are generally designed with the intent to "lure" as many attendees as possible (at anywhere from $30 to $50 a head) with the promise of "all you can eat" crab. The general goal on the part of the host is to fill people up on bread and pasta so that by the time the crab appears, everyone is too full to indulge in the one costly item on the menu!

Crab lovers listen up. To get the most out of any crab feed this crab season, stick to the following tips:

1. Don't eat any bread - even if it's coated in butter and garlic and you're REALLY hungry.
2. Skip the pasta course (again, even if it smells really good and you've been fasting all day in anticipation of this meal).
3. Ask the food server to bring the crab out early. Most crab feeds are "all you can eat" so get your bib on and start eating!
4. Don't drink too much alcohol too fast - you'll get too drunk to eat the costly, tender meat of the sea...

Stick to these simple rules and you'll definitely get the most bang for your buck at your next crab buffet! Ole!

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