Get Business Cards at Kinko's!: Tip-of-the-Day #209


I'm leaving on a business trip to Japan in two days and suddenly realized that I don't have business cards to take with me! As a consultant, this isn't normally something I'd have printed up, but apparently you can't travel to Asia without them.

In a "panic", I was able to comp up a business card through our intranet and save it as a PDF. I then proceeded to email the PDF to Kinko's (now FedEx) and in a few hours they were able to churn out 100 (could be more, could be less) professional-looking cards on nice, heavy card stock. For a mere $28, which included the set up, card stock, and cutting fees, I walked away with business cards that frankly look no different than my colleagues' cards printed with a specialty shop.

If you're in a bind, I'd suggest Kinko's/FedEx over Vista Print any day. You have a far faster turnaround, better pricing (despite the claims of getting the first 100 cards for free with Vista) and quality control. I recently printed some personal cards with Vista Print and walked away incredibly disappointed.

Here's to seeing your name in print!

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