Smart Women Check Reviews: Tip-of-the-Day #202


If you're someone who "likes to be your own person" and "avoids subscribing to mass opinion" well I applaud you...I feel I'm my own person with unique thoughts and opinions but I STILL review sites like Yelp! and TripAdvisor prior to trying a new restaurant or booking a vacation. Why? Because you'd be amazed what other people have already gone through the trouble of discovering FOR you.

Didn't your mom ever tell you something like "if only you could learn from my mistakes"....well now you can! And it's not only mistakes you'll learn of, you'll also gather a lot of positive information from people who can tip you off to things like what table has the best views of the city at the restaurant you're thinking of booking for your anniversary, which hotel rooms to steer clear of, where to get your nails done and why.

Not sure what I did before Yelp! came along. Not only do I use it regularly to seek out safe restaurant and hotel choices (etc.) in my area but I also contribute to the review pool as often as I am able.

This week alone I used Yelp! to find a good sushi spot in a part of Marin I'm not wholly familiar with and I helped others stay away from a terrible discount retailer I had the displeasure of shopping with just today!

Social sites are going to continue to grow in popularity and more and more people will come to rely on them even more than a recommendation from a friend. After all, why listen to one person when you can take a blended average of hundreds?!

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