Real Benefits From Makeup: Tip-of-the-Day #203


I've always been skeptical of products that tout things like "all day coverage" and "flawless results." That said ladies (and yes, this one's for you), I've found a reason to believe in Benefit Cosmetics. Let me round up my favs and why:

1. Get Even: This product is positioned as an every day concealer with dual purposes: to keep oil at bay and color correct. With three shades to choose from (I use #2) you will find a tone that matches your skin. That, in and of itself, is a wondrous thing because I can't tell you how many high school pics I've had the misfortune of looking back upon only to see a clear delineation between the color of my face and the color of my neck. WHY didn't anyone say anything?? That said, I've been using Get Even for years (a friend turned me onto it) and frankly it's the only product I've found that actually does what it says it will do. I apply it directly after working out and it truly conceals discoloration and redness immediately. So much so in fact, that people notice how "good" I look just moments after emerging a hot mess from the gym. Why use a liquid concealer and a powder when one product gives you the same coverage without that heavy, pore-clogging feeling that almost always goes hand in hand with liquid?

2. Hoola: A bronzing agent like no other - I use this stuff ALL year round and it never looks like it. I'll have people ask me where I've been vacationing, why I look so "healthy" and how I can look so well-rested given the schedule I keep. I attribute ALL OF THIS to Hoola because it is so natural looking and it literally gives me the sun-kissed glow (cheesy I know, but no other way to describe it) that other products only think they're delivering. Again, I suffered from orange, Oompa Loompa syndrome for years (not knowing it) and Hoola's reined it in.

3. Dallas: In combination with Hoola, you'll never look "tired" again. Remember that flushed look that used to come so naturally from a brisk walk 'round the block, one run down the slopes, or a wink from some hottie on the bus? K, this does that and you don't have to worry about it disappearing just moments later. Sigh...youth.

My theory is that if you find the "important" products that really work for you (like the three mentioned above), even if they cost a little more than drugstore brands, they are sooooooooo worth it. Then you can spend a little less on the extras like brow brushes (I use a toothbrush - no joke - it's durable and I can throw it in my purse without fearing the fine bristles will pop off).

Pick makeup like you pick your wardrobe. A few key pieces and the rest hardly matters.

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