Sell Outside the Box: Tip-of-the-Day #201


So I found this article on about the strange things people are selling in this recessionary environment to make a few bucks. Folks are definitely getting more creative…and it definitely bears repeating:

Mother's milk. If you’re a nursing mother or somehow have access to fresh milk, there’s a market for it. (Ew!) The Human Milk Banking Association of America is a good place to start learning about the guidelines for donation, storage and transport. But in the meantime, Craigslist ads have apparently been notorious for offering milk for sale. Note: The going rate for buying milk from a milk bank is $2 to $3 per ounce so you can use that as your pricing guide…

Dog hair. Apparently, dog hair spun into yarn (or "chiengora") is an old art form that dates way, way back (long before sheep’s wool). Seems it holds in warmth and repels water better than other fibers. Check out: "Knitting With Dog Hair," a book that shows you how to cut, collect, spin and use dog hair for everyday knitting projects.

Chicken poop. I have friends living in the San Francisco Bay Area who have actually considered raising chickens for the fresh eggs. (I barely make it through a dozen in a month but everyone’s different I suppose). The benefits however, that come from harvesting your own fertilizer from your chickens are endless. You can use the soil yourself (in your garden for instance) or sell the manure via online ad, local newspaper, or through your local farm or garden supply store. You'll just need a good amount of chicken manure and a way to bag it or haul it. The pricing will vary depending on where you check your local supply stores for a good base rate.

Cardboard boxes. BoxCycle, is a nifty company that takes the work out of selling your boxes by listing them for you. They’ll communicate with the buyer and handle all payment processing. All you have to do is list your boxes with them and cash out when your payment totals $25. You won’t get rich doing this, but you’ll make a few bucks.

Teeth (false or otherwise). Seems pawn shops have reported an increase in the amount of business they've gotten for items containing gold -- and this includes caps and crowns made from precious metals and even false teeth (dentures), braces, and prosthetics. Again, ew.

Pig ears and bull "sticks". I was first introduced to the “bull stick” by a friend who adopted a puppy and all the unique “toys” that came along with it. While most pet stores carry pig ear and bull stick alternatives, some still offer the old-fashioned variety, made from 100% authentic swine ears and bull “bits.” If you have a working farm and have access to these tasty treats, it may mean extra cashflow. Yikes.

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