Improve Your Closet Instantly: Tip-of-the-Day #204


Did you know you can change the entire look of your closet without changing your wardrobe?! What do I mean? For as many years as I can remember I’ve always retained a mish mash of hangers – wire, plastic, some wood and a bevy of styles from shirt hangers to pant hangers to suit hangers, etc. You can imagine with so much going on, what my closet must have looked like. A mess! For some reason though, I never thought to do anything about it…until just last weekend.

I went to Target (yes, Target!) and for $100 I picked up nearly 200 uniform maple wood suit hangers (don't let the name fool you - these are great for shirts, pants, suits, dresses, etc). I brought them home, tossed every one of my mismatched hangers in the trash and instantly transformed the aesthetic of my closet. It’s actually surreal what a difference some uniformity can make. So, before you get exasperated with the way your closet looks, try a small (but effective) hanger makeover and you’ll be amazed by how fresh everything feels when you’re finished! And, for a mere $100 bucks you’re saving yourself the heartache of a spendy overhaul!

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