Mooch Off Mom: Tip-of-the-Day #85


Okay, I could personally never move back home even if I were dead broke and facing destitution...however, it works for some people and I always say, if it works, work it.

My sister for example, has been living at home again for two years. She's almost 35, went to all the best schools (under graduate and graduate) and she's back home with mom. What this means for her: free room and board (she doesn't buy groceries), free room and board for her two cats (I doubt she buys the cat food either), a Costco card (thanks to the "two cards per household policy") and "family" memberships with the gym, the museum of modern art, and lord knows where else.

If you're one of many children, be sure to move fast on this recovery act. Seems more than one kid can't get on this ride. But, if you're the lucky one and you've got that golden ticket, it can mean BIG savings for you and your dependent animals.


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