Sample the Savings: Tip-of-the-Day #86


Would you believe my boyfriend had to remind me of this nifty trick? You can get pretty nice-sized samples of the makeup and skin care routine that you already use! I first learned this when I was replenishing my supply of Kiehl's goodies and I happened to mention in passing that I was going to transfer itsy bitsy amounts into 3 oz. containers to take with me on my upcoming trip.

The Kiehl's sales associate relieved me of this burden by quickly supplying me with enough of my regimen to take me through my trip and then some! Everything you get in full size comes in sample sizes too. And, if you're really lucky you may get the "luxury-sized" samples which are doled out far less frequently and I think you have to know a celebrity to get your hands on them.

When my sister lived in NY she used to frequent one of the Kiehl's retail stores in the Village and they would ALWAYS give her the luxury sized samples. I swear that girl never had to pay for anything! Hmmm...this is starting to sound consistent isn't it?

My boyfriend's suggestion: go to every make up counter in every department store and stock up on samples of EVERYTHING. You'll never have to pay for product again.

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