Banking Benefits Through Work: Tip-of-the-Day #84


I just started consulting for a new company and one of the immediate perks I could recognize was what's known as "Membership Banking" with my bank - Wells Fargo. It seems that because of my company's account relationship with Wells Fargo, my banking has been made "easier and more cost effective." Fabulous!

All I have to do is pop into a branch and tell them I'm a new employee of said firm and I get Premium Membership Program benefits like:

- Free interest-bearing checking account
- Free checks (even duplicates)
- Free online banking
- Free Bill Pay (an expense I griped about in an earlier post!)
- Free Traveler's Checks
- Free Money Orders
- Free Cashiers Checks
- Discounts on loans and lines of credit and so much more!

I would imagine your company would be fairly forthcoming with perks like these, but if you don't know or aren't sure, it would be good to ask!

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