Online Greeting Cards Rule: Tip-of-the-Day #74


I can't tell you how much money I've spent over the years on fancy thank you notes, special "I'm thinking of you" cards and elaborate birthday wishes. Not to mention the accompanying postage (which, as a reminder is going up again in May!).

In the beginning, online greeting cards weren't terribly creative and frankly seemed like an "easy out" or a last minute thought on behalf of the sender. No more! In fact, today's online greeting cards are more dynamic and engaging than ever. They are far wittier than most of what you find at retail, they are of course dynamic, flash productions (because they can be), and most enable you (the sender) to include a gift from a favorite e-tailer which makes the greeting even nicer for the recipient!

Some of my most frequented greeting card sites are Hallmark, BlueMountain and a new favorite: Smilebox.

The next time you're about ready to drop $3+ on a traditional card, why not go online instead? You'll be amazed by the selection (and every category has a handful of viable freebies to choose from). Add a personal message--even time the card so that it is sent on the day that you'd like the recipient to receive it!

No time like the present to save a few bucks and move into the next generation of letting people know how much you love them.

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