Subscribe to Email Offers: Tip-of-the-Day #75


I've found that if I'm in the market for something specific, signing up for email offers associated with said interest, generally provides me with access to "insider" benefits.

A perfect example of this: I recently traveled to Miami for pleasure and was staying at a nice hotel in the art deco district. Just days before my stay, I signed up for their "gold club" (a completely free club btw) and was then extended complimentary breakfast every day that I was there. I'm not talking continental breakfast either - it was anything off the full restaurant menu! That easily saved me fifty dollars a day.

For $60 a year, you can join Hertz Gold Club and get immediate benefits like express pick up. Last year my bf and I were in Phoenix for a quick weekend getaway and we rented a car. The registration line was several hundred deep. That's no exaggeration. Gold Club members had a line of their own however, and it was nearly empty. I would have paid $60 and given up my first born child to have been in that line.

If you know you're going to be traveling to a certain destination in the near future and there's a hotel you have your eye on but can't afford, sign up for their newsletter. As a "subscriber" you will be surprised by the special offers that are only extended to registered customers.

I also sign up for email from local restaurants, clothing boutiques and even movie theaters. Being an "insider" has its perks. I'll get notices about special wine maker dinners (love those), unadvertised weekend sales at my favorite shops, and early screening alerts for hot new movies.

Save money and stay on top of local events to boot!

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