Bubble Bath Benefits: Tip-of-the-Day #62


Did you know that you use half as much water taking a bubble bath as you do taking an average shower? True!

Most of us feel like we don't have time to take a bath (at least not Monday through Friday before cramming an English muffin down and racing to catch the express bus to work).

However, you have no excuse on a Saturday or Sunday not to luxuriate in a warm, relaxing and water-saving bath!

Benefits include:

1. Meditating on your prior week's events
2. Planning your following week
3. Enjoying aromatherapy with salts and bath gels that soothe the senses
4. Reading a good book (you can't do that in the shower!)
5. Catching up with a good friend by phone (carefully!)
6. Drinking a calming glass of tea or "bubbly" after a long week
7. Soothing your muscles after an arduous workout
8. Getting cozy in the bath with a "friend" and really heating things up
9. Indulging in a snack (I love eating peanuts in the bath because you can make a mess with the shells and wash them down when you're done!)
10. Exfoliating your feet and relaxing while you shave your legs (this is much harder to do standing up in the shower!)

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