In Hot Water?: Tip-of-the-Day #63


Did you know that hot water alone accounts for 11% of energy usage? Yup! You can save up to 10 percent in water-heating costs by setting your water heater to 120 degrees (compared to a 140 degree setting).

And, I didn't know this little nugget until the water heater in my building started to fail us, but you can wrap an insulation blanket around the hot water pipes and storage tank to extend the life of the appliance. This bought us five more years with our old heater before it had to be replaced.

Another thing I recently discovered was that replacing old shower heads (10+ years old) with a low-flow model can save up to half the hot water used for showering. We also modified our water pressure settings so that we aren't using as much when we flush the toilets. This can be hard on some members of the family at first (my boyfriend was horrified by the decrease in pressure) but with the adjustment comes rewards - lowered bills!

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