Energy-Effeciency Heats Up! Tip-of-the-Day #61


By choosing an energy-efficient furnace or air conditioner that is the right size for your home, you can save up to 45% of the cost of your energy bill! I didn't know this until the building I live in swapped out our old (like 1920's old) boiler for one more efficient for the size of the building and we saw immediate savings of up to $500 a month!

If you rent an apartment, have no control over the purchase of your appliances, or simply cannot fathom the upfront cost of a new appliance right now, consider this:

1. Only use central heat for a few minutes in the morning and/or the evening. Take it off "automatic" because you’re paying for heat you’re not enjoying when you’re out of the house! If you're leaving it on for a pet, remember that they have fur and don't generally feel the cold the way that we do.

2. Get a space heater for the room you spend the most amount of time in. I have radiators in my place but I hate putting them on because it can get too hot and you can't turn them off until the end of the "cycle". A space heater puts the power back into your hands and you can turn it off and on as often as you like.

3. If you have a fireplace, use it! It’s warm, energy efficient, and sets the mood perfectly on a cold or dreary day!

4. On a warm day/night, consider a portable fan and keep your windows open to create a cross breeze.

Just a few thoughts to keep your money in your pocket instead of PG&E’s.

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