Bring Wine When You Dine: Tip-of-the-Day #56


Bring your own wine to restaurants. Just make sure the bottle isn’t on the menu. There will likely be a corkage fee but it won’t be as much as ordering a bottle at the restaurant!

From time to time when my boyfriend and I are going out to eat at a nice restaurant and know we’ll be facing a several hundred dollar dinner, we'll bring our own wine to offset the bill.

It isn’t seen as tacky or cheap – it’s rather ingenious actually and as long as it’s a fine wine (seriously, it has to cost more than the corkage folks) and it isn't already on the restaurant's wine list, you’re all good.

You can save upwards of $100 depending on your taste and the restaurant's selection.

Not something you have to do every time, but once in a while it’s a smart way to save a few bucks if you know the meal is going to cost you.

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