Fight the Power: Tip-of-the-Day #55


Fight each and every speeding and parking ticket you get during this recession. You’ll win most of them (though my average may be higher than yours) and that’s money that stays in the bank.

Whether you fight your tickets on principle or to save the cash associated with the steep penalties, you’d be amazed how many violations are dismissed for people who care enough to do something about them.

Recently I was ticketed for “seemingly” moving 35 MPH in a 25 MPH zone near my house. The officer didn’t use radar and couldn’t prove I was going that fast.

I went to the courthouse and fought the ticket. Not only did the police officer never show, but he also failed to submit a report of the incident and so my ticket was simply dismissed!

For me that meant I didn’t have to pay the fine associated with the ticket, I didn’t have to go to traffic school to get the ticket off my record, and my insurance wasn’t affected a penny.

Parking tickets can be a little trickier because as I've recently discovered, the city of San Francisco is outsourcing the review of all "challenged citations". They are paying good money to take your good money from you. Thus, very few tickets are dismissed right now for offenses ranging from an expired meter to violating street cleaning (a personal favorite).

My general rule of thumb however is that it never hurts to try. So go, fight, win! It pays.

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