Lose a Few Gym Memberships: Tip-of-the-Day #39


Do you have a gym membership dedicated to spinning, one for body sculpting and one for kickboxing? Learn to live with less and get your exercise from just ONE gym. Then you can augment that outlet with other things like Exercise TV (I have a friend who works out to it every day and loves it) or spend more time outside – go for power walks!

Would you believe at this very moment I know several people who fit the bill outlined above?

Not only do they have three memberships, but they're not using them! Two of the memberships charge monthly whether they go or not and one charges on a drop in basis.

Out of pocket that’s a hard cost of $160 - $320 that could easily be scaled back to $60.

Pick up a set of light hand weights and medium hand weights and an exercise DVD and achieve the same work out from home. All it takes is twenty minutes (and an apple a day).

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