Drink Water More FREEly: Tip-of-the-Day #38


Do you stop to buy a new bottle of water every time you go to the gym? I’m guessing you’re dropping at least $2 each time. I know how good fresh, cold water tastes especially when you’re sweating hard for an hour, but imagine the money you’d be saving by filling up that same water bottle at least for a week.

Buy the new bottle on Monday, then fill it from the fountain (or your own filter at home) Tues – Fri. Make it a personal challenge if you have to.

You’ll save $8 a week (or more), $32 a month, and $380 a year!

Better yet, buy yourself a non-toxic plastic or stainless steel refillable drinking bottle and refill it to your heart’s content. You won't just be saving a hit to your pocketbook, you'll be helping to save the planet too.

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