Gift Cards Can Be Cumbersome: Tip-of-the-Day #37


Have a bunch of gift cards left over from the holidays? Re-gift them quickly or use them to buy merchandise for next year’s gifts!

In this economic downturn, a lot of companies are going under, expiring store-issued gift cards within a set amount of time and, worse, plain not honoring them.

Get out those cards and use them as soon as possible. Start what I lovingly refer to as a “gift cupboard” filled with generic gifts that can fit any occasion, any gender and any age. That way you’re always prepared when the occasion arises.

Why pressure yourself with last minute gift shopping anyway? Planning ahead saves money and a giant headache!

Plus, not using a gift card is like throwing good money away.

Tip: If you really must buy someone who "has it all" a gift card, then go with an organization you know isn't going under (like Amazon or iTunes).

Update! I just found out that you can sell or swap your gift card at You can also buy gift cards at a discount averaging 15 percent off the card's face value. Apparently there's no risk because PlasticJungle verifies the balance on each card. Nice find!

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