Bridge the Gap, Skip the Toll: Tip-of-the-Day #36


Eliminate unnecessary trips to counties that require bridge toll. No joke. Beyond visiting someone in a hospital bed, there’s really no reason you can’t find exactly what you need right inside your own county.

If you simply must cross a bridge, see if you can convince a friend to go with you and get in the carpool lane, or pick one day a week by which you can tackle all of your to-dos in one trip.

It’s not rocket science but you’d be amazed how much money you’ll save by avoiding that extraneous trip.

In San Francisco for example, it costs $6 to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. When I worked in Marin County that was $30 a week! $120 a month!

Alternatively, take public transportation or ride your bike. We've already discussed the benefits of walking in another tip!

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