Kenneling is for the Dogs: Tip-of-the-Day #18


Why kennel your cat or dog when it can cost upwards of $30 a day? Get a friend or colleague to house sit for you! I am amazed how many of my friends are willing (even happy) to stay at my house while I’m out of town. It may have something to do with my premium cable channels or wine cellar but no matter - it's a coup! Your furry friend gets to stay in familiar and comfortable surroundings, you don't have to worry about the logistics of a drop off and pick up and the best part is that most of your friends won’t even expect payment (but it’s nice to stock the fridge and leave a small gift).

Call me crazy, but I found a cat sitter DVD some years ago that will entertain and amuse an otherwise despondent feline for hours. Leave this with your sitter along with some of those Feline Greenies I mentioned and everyone will be happy.

Fact: Another benefit beyond the immediate cost savings is your pet won’t pick up anything at the kennel (fleas, a cold, etc.) so you save yourself an extraneous vet bill to boot!

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