Indulge Fickle Pets Frugally: Tip-of-the-Day #16


Kitty grass costs me anywhere from $3 to $6 a pop depending on where I’m buying it and my cat would tell you that she needs a fresh lot every week.

As soon as I think I’ve found one kind of treat that she loves, she becomes fickle and won’t have it thus necessitating another trip to the pet food store for trial and error yet again.

I probably spend upwards of $40 a month on fancy treats and supplements.

Here’s how I cut back:
1. I began growing my grass at home using seed pouches. You pay less and get more and the grass grows like a weed.
2. I trade treats with friends who have animals as fickle as mine.
3. I explain the economy to my furry friend and then just scale back.

Tips: Feline Greenies are great for cats' (or dogs') teeth and my cat loves them. Also, I just discovered Kiwi Peak (harder to find but check small neighborhood pet stores) which is an all natural jerky. Delish and affordable!

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