Walk Toward the Savings: Tip-of-the-Day #15


Do you know how much gasoline you’ll save by walking to places like the supermarket, the gym(!), the dry cleaner and even the mall? I understand the improbability of this if you live somewhere like Orange County, but if you’re in a major metropolitan area like San Francisco or Manhattan, you can walk just as easily as drive! In fact, in many cases it will save you the headache of having to find parking on the street, or worse, paying for a lot!

Never mind that people will “look” and wonder why you’re walking. You’ll know better. You’re saving money, burning calories, and cutting down on carbon emissions so you can tell anyone that asks that you’re actively contributing to keeping the earth green!

I just bought a fantastic pair of walking/running shoes. Brooks is a brand recommended to me by my podiatrist and the running gurus in San Francisco. It's worth upgrading your shoes if you haven't in a while because that will make your walks more comfortable and will motivate you to keep going!

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