Sample Sale Savings Online: Tip-of-the-Day #10


Dying to go shopping but feel guilty dropping the dough? Check out some of the latest online sample sale sites!

Ruelala, Haute, TheTopSecret and Ideeli are just a few of them. You’ll find the designers you love at a fraction of the price. We’re talking 70% off.

At TheTopSecret I found Gucci sunglasses for $80 recently, a purse featured on a popular television show for a quarter of what it costs elsewhere and even bought some really cute sweaters from a designer I wasn’t wholly familiar with until I started digging around and saw her line carried at Neiman Marcus! There is nothing quite as satisfying as finding an incredible deal.

P.S. This is kinda a no-brainer, but check out Amazon's deal of the day for incredibly discounted pricing on anything from bedding to jewelry closeouts.

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