Color Begins With Your Crown: Tip-of-the-Day #11


Are you spending a fortune on your hair? Me too. I’m unwilling to give up my highlights but I am willing to “scale back”.

You may not know that you’ll get the same effect you’ve always had, by highlighting just the “crown” of your head instead of the whole head. No one really sees the hair underneath the main crown anyway. And, if you happen to be a pony tail wearer (like at the gym) for a couple of extra bucks your stylist can throw in a handful of highlights at the base of your scalp too.

You’ll pay half what you were paying before, guaranteed. And, if for some reason your stylist pooh pooh’s the notion, it might be time to find a new resource. Now is a great time to renegotiate the price you're paying for your hair.

Note: This should also help extend the weeks between visits. And, I use a conditioner that makes color-treated hair look and feel healthier.

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