Yes, You Can Return Prescriptions: Tip-of-the-Day #312

I recently changed jobs and with that change came a new health insurance plan. The insurance at my former place of employment was a little "light" to say the least. And so, prescriptions often came with a hefty price tag attached to them.

One example of this is with Zomig, a well known drug for migraine headaches. My former insurance "allowed" four pills per month and the prescription cost me $45. At $11.25 a pill, you didn't want to lose one. Ever.

Given I had only just picked up my recent prescription (doling out the $45 big ones) it didn't seem totally out of the question for me to phone Walgreens pharmacy and ask what my new insurance covers for the same drug. Well, the new plan covers Zomig for just $10! At that point I had to ask if I could return the just-picked-up-pills for the same-but-cheaper-version and the answer was....YES!

By return I don't mean that they physically took the drugs back from me and recirculated them into their inventory. But, they swapped out the orders and credited my debit card the $35 difference.

All by way of saying, it's never "weird" or "out of the question" to ask for something that may be completely within the realm of reality. I love happy endings.

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