Send a FREE Fax Today: Tip-of-the-Day #311

Though communication by fax may feel antiquated at best, there is still the occasional need to do so. For instance, today I couldn't resist throwing my hat in the ring for the San Francisco YBCA Dream House Raffle and they don't have an online mechanism by which one can purchase tickets. I had to either call in my order or fax my form submission. Anyone who knows me knows that I will always go with the path of least resistance and in this case that meant facsimile.

Next steps: figuring out the fax machine in my office. Nope. So I decided to bone up on the newest online fax offerings. immediately rose to the top of the Google search (after paid ads) and so I clicked. It appeared very straightforward - just a few fields of information, my document as an attachment, and I would be off to the races. (Note: I had already downloaded the app "Tiny Scan" to my iPhone and so I scanned my submission and saved it as a .pdf.)

I didn't have to register. No opening an account. No trial set up. I simply populated the FaxZero short form, attached my .pdf and within moments my fax was successfully sent. Double confirmation received when Dream House Raffle followed up promptly with my e-ticket. Ah, technology. 

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